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A Guide to Tudor and Stuart Witches by Arran

Arran Witches


Treasure Hunt Recount by Amelia

treas2First I looked through a huge old box; first I found a chipped plate then a tea cup, next a light bulb, after that a tea pot but my favourite item I found was a broken yellow polka-dot parasol. In the dray, drab sky there was a lifetime of still, crusty clouds singed with gray. I wore my mint-green hat, my glasses. I pushed my trolly that trundled along under my frizzy grey hair and searching blue eyes.

Before I set off for home or my tent, I decided to go the long way round to make final checks. The first thing I came across was some wrecked tins. I chose the one with the most holes. Second I came across a bag of golf clubs in front of a white deck chair but under a mobile of gulls. I took the gulls.

Afterwards I found an old car. I got in but the seat fell back, that’s when I noticed an old jewellery box inside was a beautiful ring…….. Mine! Dangling above the shattered windscreen was an air freshener that now belongs to me. Immediately I scurried home.

Treasure Hunt by Libby

treasIt was a damp and gloomy day when something amazing happened. I was snooping around the dumps and a found a bottle yellow umbrella with at least three holes in it. It was perfect for my inventions. So I wandered out and looked at a golf club from different angles and realised it was to hardy solid and bold. But I came across a hanging mobile, the birds from it were the best shape for the job so I took two. I also picked up a cracked peeled tin on the way.

But then the amazing thing happened….. I sat in a rusty car and found a tree shaped air freshener and heard a tiny  airy noise, it played a tune and I looked in the back, and found a jewellery box. I reached for it and opened it, a shimmer glinted at me. I focused at it and stared… a ring sparkled in the morning sun.

Meanwhile I was sorting out my masterpiece. The umbrella upside down, the birds hanging on the cover of the umbrella, the tin on top of a candle and the ring in front, also the trees in front of the candle. Then when it was ready, an image showed up on my walls, trees towering and the birds flying high. It really made my day.

‘Touching the Void’ by Harry

Climbing down the mountain me and Simon were heading back to base camp.

Everything was going well for me and Simon. We had managed to climb to the top of the Siula Grande and we were on the way back down. “Not a long way to go now” but as I said those words the snow slipped from beneath my feet. I fell and broke my leg. It was the most painful experience I’ve ever faced  in my 25 years of climbing.

“I’m OK” but it was as if my words hated me, I slipped and slided over the edge of the precipice. I cannot describe my fear as I fell over the edge. It was not only that, my leg was getting worse. Swinging like a pendulum, I was clutching my leg for warmth. Simon was up there gripping the rope for my life, he looked like he was so worn out, I saw him let go the rope and with one hand, He was going to cut the rope, suddenly I saw a knife appear out of the bag, 5 seconds later I was falling like a dive, towards some ice. CRASH!!!! I hit the ice. I was in the void…..

Cameron’s Recount based on ‘Touching the Void’

Climbing on Siula Grande my fried Simon and I were tracking our way up the mountain. When we got to the sumit I fell and broke my leg. I was tumbling down slowly realising what is happening – I am not going to get off this mountain. Simon came chasing after me. We carried on I was hopping but then I had a second fall.

Hanging off with a broken leg about 1000 metres off the ground was not the greatest thing but it was better than dieing. I called up “pull, pull, can you hear me?” No answer.

Then I heard a rustle like a backpack.

Then it happend I heard a knife slash and the next thing I knew I was falling. The mountain  suddenly chanted ‘DIE, DIE, DIE”

I was now soaring through the sky . Spontaneously my life flashed in front of me, boom, crash, bang. I thought I was dead but my leg was still broken.

I fought against the snowy wind, my head dizzy I could not think. I just crawled on my elbows hoping I won’t hert myself anymore. It took me 12 days to get back to camp. They took me strait to hospital. They said I had to have my leg chopped off.

Two Snowy Settings by William and Evie

Here are two short pieces of writing from this Friday’s lesson. A picture was displayed on the whiteboard and the class were given three minutes to write what came into their heads, paying special attention to the senses. Here is a link to our source picture:

A random name picker then selected these two pieces of writing which have not been edited. Would you make any changes?

Example One 
the glimpsing sun is shining on the water bouncing through the distance. With snow almost sieging against the rocks in formation with all the trees shattering you can hear children shouting and looking out at the huge docks with massive masts crowding round the world wide voyaging sea at sun set.
Example Two
I slowly swivelled around, taking in every detail of the beautiful landscape. I loved the way the snow gracefully became water as you went further down the beach. The sun glinted off the water in the background, almost making it look like a sheet of platinum. The benches looked like mountains with snowy tops. The trees leant over to each other and had whispered conversations. Stooping down, I picked up a small chunk of powdery snow and allowed it to trickle through my fingers.

‘Xmas’ by Thea

Xmas day makes me happy in every way
Lots of presents and food to eat
And fall asleep in my seat.
Fire roaring keeping us warm
Been awake since first dawn
But it’s my favourite time of year
Lots of festive cheer.