Fin’s Trench Diary Part Two

…. Dog fights rage overhead and planes occasionally crash near our trench. One good thing is we play games with the Germans. It sounds weird but all we do is hold up tin cans on sticks and let the Jerrys shoot at it. The sergeant asked for volunteers to go over into Nomans land and I said I would go. I was getting sick of the grime and the everlasting maze of trenches. Sprinting over Nomansland with Luke and some others suddenly three or four flares lit up the world. I stared up, then looked behind me I couldn’t see my friends then it hit me. I leaped into the mud but it was too late they were already shooting. Wounded and bleeding I managed to crawl back to the trench in the morning. people dragged me into the trench. My numb hands fumbled with my food given to me. It looks like I’m not going over any time soon.



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