WW1 Play Script – by Alex, Louis and William

Sergeant: (Stern voice) Stand to attention! 
(Immediately they stamp their feet)
Right lads, today were going into no mans land.
Tommy & Peter: WHAT?
Sergeant: That’s right lads. You heard me. Now let’s see if we are all here. Peter?
Peter: Yes Sarge.
Sergeant: Tommy?
Tommy: Yes Sarge.
Sergeant: (gets out paper) This is the procedure.
Peter: Are you coming too?
Sergeant: (stern again) We’ll worry about that later. (Holding paper) We are here (points0 and they are there (points again). We will charge to the wire. Then crawl. Any last questions?
Tommy: No sir.
Peter: No sir.
Sergeant: On my command. 3…2…1 Charge!!

German camp

Sergeant Wilhelm: Stand to attention! (in German). We need to do this quickly. Let’s run through the register. Kiser.

Kiser: Yes Sarge.

Sergeant Wilhelm: Voexd.

Voexd: Yes sarge.

Sergeant Wilhelm: Right we are going into no mans land today.

Kiser: Why?

Sergeant Wilhelm: Now stop talking (stern voice). We will have snipers on the move. No we will go through the procedure.

Voexd: Sir, why are we doing this?

Sergeant Wilhelm: Quit it! Now on my command 3…2…1… Charge!


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