Remembrance Assembly

Thanks to Years 5, 6 and 7 who observed a minute’s silence in this afternoon’s assembly hosted by Mounts in memory of everyone who has ever taken part in a war. The assembly featured much of the work on World War One that is already published on this blog.

We move on from World War One to study Recount texts next. If you have any comments about Michael Foreman’s The War Game do feel free to write something in the Book Talk section of the blog. I think the ending  surprised and shocked many of us. You can read more about Michael Foreman on this Puffin Books page:,,1000010989,00.html#BIO

For those that are interested, here is a copy of our script: Remembrance Day assembly 2012 script and Powerpoint illustrations (without sound effects): Remembrance day

For more about the work of the Royal British Legion:


2 responses to “Remembrance Assembly

  1. Nice WW1 Christmas Truce song

  2. Your remembrance assembly really made me ww1.

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