Treasure Hunt by Libby

treasIt was a damp and gloomy day when something amazing happened. I was snooping around the dumps and a found a bottle yellow umbrella with at least three holes in it. It was perfect for my inventions. So I wandered out and looked at a golf club from different angles and realised it was to hardy solid and bold. But I came across a hanging mobile, the birds from it were the best shape for the job so I took two. I also picked up a cracked peeled tin on the way.

But then the amazing thing happened….. I sat in a rusty car and found a tree shaped air freshener and heard a tiny  airy noise, it played a tune and I looked in the back, and found a jewellery box. I reached for it and opened it, a shimmer glinted at me. I focused at it and stared… a ring sparkled in the morning sun.

Meanwhile I was sorting out my masterpiece. The umbrella upside down, the birds hanging on the cover of the umbrella, the tin on top of a candle and the ring in front, also the trees in front of the candle. Then when it was ready, an image showed up on my walls, trees towering and the birds flying high. It really made my day.


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