Treasure Hunt Recount by Amelia

treas2First I looked through a huge old box; first I found a chipped plate then a tea cup, next a light bulb, after that a tea pot but my favourite item I found was a broken yellow polka-dot parasol. In the dray, drab sky there was a lifetime of still, crusty clouds singed with gray. I wore my mint-green hat, my glasses. I pushed my trolly that trundled along under my frizzy grey hair and searching blue eyes.

Before I set off for home or my tent, I decided to go the long way round to make final checks. The first thing I came across was some wrecked tins. I chose the one with the most holes. Second I came across a bag of golf clubs in front of a white deck chair but under a mobile of gulls. I took the gulls.

Afterwards I found an old car. I got in but the seat fell back, that’s when I noticed an old jewellery box inside was a beautiful ring…….. Mine! Dangling above the shattered windscreen was an air freshener that now belongs to me. Immediately I scurried home.


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