Touching the Void by Louis

We reached the summit successfully but on the way down an avalanche struck. Siula Grande seemed easy to get up but impossible to get down. Simon kept on encouraging us on but it wasn’t enough. The snow was so slippy I fell.

Now I can tell you that braking your leg is an unpleasant feeling but on a mountain, in the snow, its worse. The pain was so unbearable and impossible to walk on so Simon tied us together for safety. I felt better but I am sure Simon felt a lot worse. We stumbled on munching our chocolate bars for energy.

There was nothing we could do, the avalanche just kept getting heavier. We had to rest. But just before we stopped , disaster, I had a second fall. I slipped and fell off a sudden drop. Simon grabbed onto something and held on. I however  wasn’t so lucky. Before I knew it I was dangling from the rope in mid-air for nearly an hour.

Eventually I fell! It was horrible feeling but even worse when I looked up and saw that Simon wasn’t falling too. He must have cut the rope! That’s when it all went dark. When I finally awoke I realised that I was alive. An ice cave broke my fall. Crawling on my arms I finally reached the camp in the middle of the night 3 days later.

Simon was so apologetic it was hard not to forgive him for what he did.

But in the end it was impossible.





One response to “Touching the Void by Louis

  1. Wow! Brilliant stuff Louis. Remind me never to go climbing a mountain with you – I don’t fancy dealing with a broken leg much…

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