Treasure Hunt Diary by Maddie

treas5Today was a dull day so I decided to go out in the misty weather and collect things, so I went to the rubbish dump. When I got there I saw a teapot, it looked very nice but I had plenty at home. I walked on then something caught my eye, it was next to a couple of golf clubs and had a hat. It was an umbrella and some tin cans, so I decided to put them in my big trolley. I put on my big glasses so I could see the wonderfull things I had collected so far.

Next  found a deck chair which wasn’t much use because I had a comfy chair at home in my tent. I had my big wooly coat for it was frosty out there. And then I saw it, a big cardboard box with a mobile in it that was excellent. I grabbed it and put it in my trolley.

I stomped through the muddy path and found a car, a whole  car! I jumped inside it noticing a green and yellow Christmas tree freshener, I put that in my trolley as well. I lent back on my chair and fell back (I think the chair was broken)……….


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