Treasure Hunt Diary by Meadow

I was looking for some broken stuff that I could use. I went out with my trolley and started looking in a box. I tossed out a plate a light bulb a cap and a teapot and found an umbrella I looked up and it had holes in all directions so I kept that. I then saw a broken tin can but I had to move a few things to get it.

treas4I walked past some golf clubs and a nice hat and a few records and a broken pram but I made the choice to take or to leave them. I fond a box that had a broken mobile in it so I kept that.

Meanwhile I started looking a bit more and found a car so I needed a rest so I sat down and suddenly the car seat went back and I fell on a music box that worked so I kept that. I took everything back and started making it.

I went back and put the umbrella upside down on the table and put the mobile hanging from the umbrella and the engagement ring on it to. I put the candle down with the holey tin can on top I put the air freshener in front of the candle. All around the room was different shapes.


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