Preparations for History Enrichment

todoHow are you all feeling about the enrichment? Excited? Has anyone started yet? What are you most looking forward to? What are you planning to do? Maybe someone in Year 6 has some advice about how you tackled your project.

Do share some comments with everyone over the next few weeks. Remember, the deadline is 21st January 2013.


6 responses to “Preparations for History Enrichment

  1. I have started and i am thinking of doing some sort of video can you do it in a group?

  2. I have started to look at books and have watched some clips you have suggested. Thank you for reading my message. oh and by the way I’m having a very good time here in America with my cousins and my grandparents too. I’m also thinking of including them in my Tudor video.I’m also doing a tudor menu. by William.

  3. To Mr H, Merry Christmas. Are the enrrichment project notes on-line? Thanks FreddieW

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