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Sierra Leone Day

Hopefully today has given everyone lots to think about, particularly similarities and differences between life in Berkhamsted and life in a town like Makeni in Sierra Leone.

Remember how for us the Paper Bag Game is just a ‘game’, but for some people they have to  take on repetitive, low-paid jobs just to survive. Nobody in Bridgewater said they had to walk some distance to the nearest tap.

Here are some bags Amelia made at lunchtime, using the techniques we learnt in the Paper Bag game. She can fit a bag inside a bag, inside another bag, inside a bag, etc.  Mr Heritage has some dolls from Ukraine just like that!



Xavier’s Tudor Banquet

Xavier’s Hog’s Head project can be read if you click on the Flipbook link below (caution NOT for the squeamish!). He provides details and photographs showing how he prepared a WHOLE pig’s head:

hog head

‘How Thunder Came to the World’ by Evie

When the animal kingdom ruled the world, the gods decided to have a picnic. It was a splendid feast, with platters of food scattered all around the spacious garden.

The king of the gods was serving food to everyone, bringing silver plates ,piled high with all kinds of treats, to those rich in power, and those not.

There was a lot of fruit on the platters: Apples, Oranges, Mangos, Melon, Strawberries, Raspberries, the usual. But there was one fruit, one fateful fruit, which has caused carnage to this day.

Bananas. The King was allergic to bananas. The queen did not know this, and she was peeling one as the king came back, a plate in each hand.

He sneezed, a booming sneeze which made everyone look at him, and that sneeze has created thunder to this day.

As he sneezed a great amount of snot came out of his nose and forever after that has been rain. The two plates he was holding crashed together and created sparks, which since then have been lightning

plate fruit lightning

Skye’s History Project

Click on the link for an interactive flipbook of Skye’s Tudor food project:

The marzipan fruits look delicious!

Skye fruits

Brown Fryes by Alex and Freddie

wpid-2013-01-23-12.17.50.jpgAlex must have spent the whole Christmas holiday thinking about food in Tudor times. We hope to display some more of his work later. Freddie and Alex made this film about making ‘Brown Fryes’ (we might call it “Eggy bread” today)

Some Hastoe History Projects

Here are some examples of work from Hastoe.

Picture taken by Ines on her trip to Hampton Court .

Picture taken by Ines on her trip to Hampton Court .

Isabel_Tudor Food

Tudor Food Anna

Tudor Food enrichment pt 1 Ismail

Tudor food Leah

Tudor foods Sam

Tudor Presentation – Jessie


Ismail's Tudor project takes the biscuit!

Ismail’s Tudor project takes the biscuit!


Come Dine with Me Tudor Special by Louis

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