Caption Competition


Two weeks without any company. He won’t even have been able to get in the building. What must Bullet be thinking right now? Post your ideas below (there’ll be a small prize for the best idea)….


12 responses to “Caption Competition

  1. I miss sitting on Mrs Thompson’s laptop!

  2. “Why did those giants lock me out? Was I too nosey? Was I too relaxed? Please let me in. I know I may have created a little bit of a fuss…but that’s just me. Purr purr purr.”

    By William

  3. i am missing my buddies. This is CATastrophic, I am FURRYious , and PURRposelly waiting patiently. Oh please let me in MEOOOOW!
    By Alex

  4. why was i locked out? was it because i ALWAYS sit on Mrs Thompsons laptop? But if its made of warmth, why don’t you sit on it? im cold! i like the laptop! why can i go back!

  5. amelialovesbunnies!!!!!!!

    Maybe he is trying to find new comfy places like the 5 star residence of a wild deer’s spine or the curtain rail although it is a very dangerous journey,
    there is a possibility that he could be prized off the curtains with the accusation of “shredding” them. What rubbish!

  6. Well done alex! I love FURRYious!

  7. Bea (old member of Mounts)

    Yay! It’s Bullet!

  8. well he could be thinking well this is better than moneybury

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