Libby’s Snowy Setting

Speeding faster and faster we were sledging down the snowy crystal-white hill, like a snow leopard chasing a rabbit.  Suddenly we halted and crashed into a stretching tree. I got up and the adrenalin faded, everything became peaceful. Trees whispering to eachother, snow pressing in the frosty air, glistening ground and the sun laying on the horizon. Then I felt something hit my back….

“OK then,” I mumbled “you asked for it…. I scooped up some snow, packed it tight and….. “Snowball fight!” I threw it at my friend and hit him directly in the face, while diving behind a towering snow wall and just missing his snowball. “Ha!” I proudly shouted.


3 responses to “Libby’s Snowy Setting

  1. Got me wanting more!!!

  2. Great setting I really liked the simile ‘like a snow leapard chasing a rabbit’

  3. A great descripted piece of writing. It kind of fitted in with the snow we’ve had for the last few weeks……… 🙂

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