Xavvy’s Right Royal Roast

For his project Xavvy in Marlin went the whole hog – well, the head anyway. We hope to publish his full instructions soon. He also made the marzipan fruits among the decorations.

Xavi dinner


I understand that as a follow up he’ll be constructing a Cockentrice this weekend. Watch this space for details.


5 responses to “Xavvy’s Right Royal Roast

  1. This is a young man of perception, originality, intelligence, and humour. He clearly has sensational genes

  2. really creative and amazing and epic tudor project!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  3. That is quite a tudor project i wonder how long you took on that it is pretty amazing and epic so you shoud be very proud of yourself and it is amazing to look at

  4. that really good pigs head how did you get tomato as the eye one of a really good tudor projects 2013 and as nearly every one on this page says you should be proud of your self and that is true keep up the work on this its amazing

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