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The Creation by Luke

In RE lessons we have been looking at the Creation story from the Torah and the Bible. Here is Luke’s version:

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‘All the World’s a Stage’ – William Shakespeare

In Year 5 we’re starting to learn about William Shakespeare in our History lessons. Next week we will be performing some Shakespeare in class. Hastoe have been the most knowledgeable class so far and can name 14 of his plays.

Just look at some of the famous phrases and sayings that he created in his writing career:


Some people think Shakespeare is difficult, boring or not relevant to us after 400 years. Do you know anyone who comes with their

and shining morning face, creeping like snail
Unwilling to school”?

Do leave a comment on the blog about what you think.

Abi’s Knowledge of Kings and Queens

During half term Abi learnt all the names of the English Kings and Queens in order. She didn’t even use the Horrible Histories song to help her! How many can you name in order?

Ava’s Imaginary Sailing Diary

gallToday I started work at sea. It is worse than I had expected, yesterday I was sent as press gangs to recruit two more people as we were short. It’s my job to order the barrels of food, but this morning Tim, who works in the galley complained that the barrels are half full of mouldy food! Honestly, the dishonesty of some people astounds me! Today someone was flogged. It was horrible, he had been sentenced to 15 whips for falling asleep on duty at night, I don’t blame him, the work at night is so hard and you can’t help it! Tommorow I am on the emptying poo buckets duty, how I’m dreading it!!!! I don’t like the way our hammocks swing about when your trying to sleep, I didn’t sleep a wink last night. The conditions aboard are dreadful! I say dreadful! Praise the day we get off this ship. The captain of course sis back and does nothing, ths bully, Tim is the Capn’s favourite, so he basicly pusheds us around all the time. The only good thing about this trip is that yesterday we stopped at Africa to get more supplies and it was an extraordinary sight.


Zoe’s Tudor Project

Zoe from Moneybury worked hard to produce a great looking Powerpoint presentation. You can read it here as an interactive book:

Harry’s Tudor Project

Here is Harry’s work on Tudor food from last month. He presented it as a pdf file, though here it is uploaded to an interactive flipbook:

harry tudor menu_001

Decimal Darts

The Mounts Maths set have been playing Decimal Darts in our Maths lessons this week. In case anyone wants to do some extra training, here is a link to the game:

Here is a link to the Rope Tug game:

One player versions of both games are available.