Melody’s Imaginary Diary of a Tudor Sailor

Dear Diary,

Today started as normal. I woke up at 4am. I job shared with Robert. I had to climb up to the crows nest through a terrible storm. I was very scared. There was one point I nearly fell down into the shark infested sea. The storm lasted for 3 hours and I couldn’t get down, so I was up there for 3 hours.

When I finally got down onto top deck, It was lunch time. For lunch I had a salty biscuit with maggots crawling through it. I ate because there was nothing else to eat. The biscuit was disgusting.

In about 10 minutes I was sick, I really didn’t feel well. But I had to carry on working because I knew that if I didn’t I would get punished.

This time my job was to punish y best friend Thomas. I don’t know what he did wrong, but I had to flog him. I really felt sorry for him.

Finally it was the end of the day and I got into my horrible and smelly hammock.



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