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A couple of memories from Croft Farm


Who enjoyed raft building at Croft Farm?


Bridgewater’s Big Bash 18th May 2013

Here’s that video from Bridgewater’s Big Bash last weekend:

Some letters about School Uniform

School uniform is something that divides opinion. Before Mounts went off to Croft Farm we wrote a letter to the incoming Headteacher to express our opinions and persuade her that the school uniform should be kept or scrapped:

Bridgewater’s Big Bash II


Mr Heritage couldn’t work out why he kept losing at ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’

Thanks Amelia, Laura and Isabel for arranging for my glitter tattoo. In case it has washed off by Monday, here it is in all its glory.

Bridgewater’s Big Bash I


Who was at the Bridgewater Big Bash this weekend? Did you perform? What did you think?

Croft Farm Update

Arrived safely yesterday.

“Raft building was awesome, but tiring,” is Harry’s opinion.

Isabel says “I got wet and very cold”.

Laura from Moneybury says : “I loved the activities, but we had to walk half the way in the water.”

“It’s epic and there’s lots to do'” is William’s opinion.

“When you fell in, it was cold,” shivered Alex from Money bury.

“The Giant Cluedo was funny. I loved the way they dressed as tomatoes,” added Laura.

“It was Charlie Chilli in the Farmers’ Market with a frying pan. We had to solve puzzles to win clues. My favourite puzzle was the one where you caught the ball in a bucket,” said Cameron.

Anne of Cleves by Cerys

Cerys’s History project came back with a note from Henry about how impressed he was with her artwork and that she could perhaps be a rival for his great court painter Hans Holbein the Younger (c1497-1543)


Anne of Cleves by Cerys


Anne of Cleves by Hans Holbein the Younger