End of an Era


Last full day in the Mounts classroom today. Tomorrow we move out to a new classroom so that the builders can get access to the Year 5 area. How do you feel about moving out? Are you looking forward to lessons in the new Mounts classroom?


6 responses to “End of an Era

  1. hi mounts ,
    i am sad to miss money bury yr5 tomorrow but excited to move in to a new class room what class room are u moving in mounts ?

    • Mounts will be moving to the old Chess classroom until the end of the school year. Make sure the rest of Moneybury know – we didn’t have our lesson together this week for me to let you know (you had an appointment with the Trolls instead).

  2. I was really strange moving classes!

  3. bealovespandas

    It is odd moving classes, even yr6 are finding it odd in our new 1’s! I probably wont be able to find where the classrooms have gone….

  4. how sad miss u mounts

  5. i miss mounts!

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