The Six Worst Excuses in the World by Jessica and Millie in Marlin (after Claire Bevan)

No 1: The dog ate it.

No 2: I put it on the desk next to the doggy treats and the dog jumped up like a flying bird and accidentally ate it.

No 3: I was practising my tap dancing and I was like a pro, when I trod on it and it flew into the air and into the huge volcano at the end of my road and flew back out and the dog ate it.

No 4: I was singing on my karaoke and I was as good as Lady gaga ad I was kicking and dancing when suddenly it flew onto the lamp shade and my dog flew like a dragon and ate it.

No 5: I was on my way to the moon and I was nearing the sun and I was allowed to go outside with my homework when my dog pushed me and I let go of it and my dog tried to save it but instead he ate it.

No 6: Mrs Liverside, I know I’ve not got my homework, but I’ve got a present for you instead: SUNGLASSES!!!



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