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Remembrance Assembly

Thanks to Years 5, 6 and 7 who observed a minute’s silence in this afternoon’s assembly hosted by Mounts in memory of everyone who has ever taken part in a war. The assembly featured much of the work on World War One that is already published on this blog.

We move on from World War One to study Recount texts next. If you have any comments about Michael Foreman’s The War Game do feel free to write something in the Book Talk section of the blog. I think the ending  surprised and shocked many of us. You can read more about Michael Foreman on this Puffin Books page:,,1000010989,00.html#BIO

For those that are interested, here is a copy of our script: Remembrance Day assembly 2012 script and Powerpoint illustrations (without sound effects): Remembrance day

For more about the work of the Royal British Legion:


Letter from the Commanding Officer by Libby

3rd Army Division
Dear Mrs Adams,
I write to you with the deepest sorrow and regret to inform you that your son Private John Adams has died in the recent action. He was one of the best, noblest and bravest soldiers and will be a great loss to your family and me. I shall always remember him and the funny jokes he told. I shall of course come to his funeral and remember him for a lifetime
Yours sincerely
Captain Frederick Williams

Christmas War Diary

Christmas Day.

Well Christmas was a blast. First the Germans put up some Christmas decorations and started singing, so we started singing too. And you know Freddie? Well, he went on to No Mans Land and shook hands with the Germans. Then a bunch of other people from each side came up and shook hands.

It was just amazing how people who were trying to kill each other just went on to No mans Land and shook hands. They did it all for Christmas.

What was so funny was that they put a chair on the half way line and somebody from the Germans started giving people hair cuts. He gave me one. It was brilliant. So they all went back to the trenches nad had supper. We also had some beer.

We said “See you tomorrow” and went to bed, but in the morning the Germans were bombing like mad, because they got some new men that didn’t know anything about the hair cuts or Christmas decorations.

Fin’s War Poem

Devil’s Firework party
Geysers going off
Death track, like a horror scrap yard
Trees like hands, burning world
Rocks flying everywhere
Screams of dying men echoing through the long war.

WW1 Play Script – by Alex, Louis and William

Sergeant: (Stern voice) Stand to attention! 
(Immediately they stamp their feet)
Right lads, today were going into no mans land.
Tommy & Peter: WHAT?
Sergeant: That’s right lads. You heard me. Now let’s see if we are all here. Peter?
Peter: Yes Sarge.
Sergeant: Tommy?
Tommy: Yes Sarge.
Sergeant: (gets out paper) This is the procedure.
Peter: Are you coming too?
Sergeant: (stern again) We’ll worry about that later. (Holding paper) We are here (points0 and they are there (points again). We will charge to the wire. Then crawl. Any last questions?
Tommy: No sir.
Peter: No sir.
Sergeant: On my command. 3…2…1 Charge!!

German camp

Sergeant Wilhelm: Stand to attention! (in German). We need to do this quickly. Let’s run through the register. Kiser.

Kiser: Yes Sarge.

Sergeant Wilhelm: Voexd.

Voexd: Yes sarge.

Sergeant Wilhelm: Right we are going into no mans land today.

Kiser: Why?

Sergeant Wilhelm: Now stop talking (stern voice). We will have snipers on the move. No we will go through the procedure.

Voexd: Sir, why are we doing this?

Sergeant Wilhelm: Quit it! Now on my command 3…2…1… Charge!


Skye’s War Diary

There is nowhere else in the world at the moment that is worse than this. I feel like I am an ant because of the size of the reached trenches. I think that there 8 feet tall. There is a lot of barbed wire around no mans land. It looks like caramel spun to look like crystalised sugar. I don’t really feel well eather. I think I have a cold. No wonder everyone is poorly the food is dredful although I’m going to have to put up with it. I really need to go to the loo but I don’t want to get killed. I’m probably better getting killed because I hate it here. But I want to go home for Christmas. At least it won’t last forever. I would rather get the white feather now, even if I would be known as a coward.

Fin’s Trench Diary Part Two

…. Dog fights rage overhead and planes occasionally crash near our trench. One good thing is we play games with the Germans. It sounds weird but all we do is hold up tin cans on sticks and let the Jerrys shoot at it. The sergeant asked for volunteers to go over into Nomans land and I said I would go. I was getting sick of the grime and the everlasting maze of trenches. Sprinting over Nomansland with Luke and some others suddenly three or four flares lit up the world. I stared up, then looked behind me I couldn’t see my friends then it hit me. I leaped into the mud but it was too late they were already shooting. Wounded and bleeding I managed to crawl back to the trench in the morning. people dragged me into the trench. My numb hands fumbled with my food given to me. It looks like I’m not going over any time soon.