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The Berkhamsted Games 2012


The Berkhamsted games were amazing! Just before ten o’clock we made our way down to the field. It was already buzzing with many other schools. It was a beautiful day! At ten o’clock on the dot the opening ceremony began. Different schools paraded up and down the school field showing off their different countries. When all the schools had showed off their beautiful costumes and props the Head began her leg of the torch relay. The crowd went wild! Soon after the Mrs Swaffield had finished all her announcements, we made our way to the place we would meet after all our events. I was then called to run my 800 metres. My nerves were bubbling inside me. I had to do well, I just had to. I stood on the start line, ready for the whistle to blow. It went, I powered off the start line.Unfortunately I was left at the back, but I didn’t worry as I ended up in 2nd place. I stood triumphantly on the winners’ podium, beaming like mad.

Berkhamsted Games Logo Competition

If you visit the Berkhamsted Games page, the eleven finalists for the logo competition have been announced.

You have until midnight on Friday 27th April to place your vote:

Here are the rules on the website about the internet vote:

Take your time to look through all of the designs and then follow the link on the gallery page to submit your vote.  To vote, simply give us the number of your favourite design, your name and the email address you are using (it is fine to use a parent’s email address if you don’t have one of your own, but you must ask their permission first).

Don’t forget to order your Olympic values wristbands by 18th April:

Olivia Wins an Excellence Prize

A huge well done to Olivia, who was awarded with a special prize for Excellence for her Plasticine sculpture which she entered into the ‘Get Set’ Art Competition earlier this term. Here’s a reminder of her work, which was inspired by the Olympic and Paralympic values:

Berkhamsted Games 2012

There’s exciting developments going on in the town in preparation for the Berkhamsted Games on Thursday 5th July 2012.

Berkhamsted Games 2012, will be held at Bridgewater Middle School on Thursday 5 July 2012, just three days before the London 2012 official torch relay passes through our region.  Its focus will be all the sporting events in the middle of the programme, but the Opening and Closing ceremonies will be showcase for the Get Set work that our children have covered in school to learn about Olympic and Paralympic nations and values.

Starting on 4th July, Head Teachers and children will take part in a torch relay covering all 10 schools participating in the event.  The torch will set off from Potten End First School and will travel through each school, passing from Head Teacher to Head Teacher, before ending at the host venue, Bridgewater Middle School on 5 July.

Learn more about the Berkhamsted Games on the official website:

There’s a competition to design a logo for the games that will appear on all the promotional materials and even the competitors’ t shirts. Entries must be in by Friday March 30th (last day of term).

Make sure you read the rules before entering the competition (there’s lots of things you are not allowed to use):

In Year 5 at Bridgewater  we will be representing the African nation of Senegal, where a boy called Hamadou lives. We raise money each year to help pay for his schooling, so he can share in some of the opportunities that we all have through our education. What do you already know about Senegal? What can you find out?

What do people think about the Berkhamsted Games? Do leave a comment.