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Back on Twitter

Our 300th POST

The technical problems have been sorted at last.  Updates on the site will now also be posted on Twitter.

Follow us for news of updates on @Mountsbrdgwtr



Busy, busy, busy….

September 2012 looks like being the busiest month ever on this blog, beating the   previous highest total of 2625  page hits from March 2012. A big thank you to everyone who visits our pages and a special thanks to everyone who leaves a comment (some of last year’s Mounts are still following and commenting too!).

Here’s a link to the game that everyone keeps asking to play:

STOP PRESS: The final total for September was 2691 page hits. Wow!

STOP STOP PRESS!!! The first day of October was the busiest single day yet, with 259 page hits. Most of them were probably Anna in Moneybury, who has commented on lots of posts!!

200 up

Over 200 visitors and still going strong. For the creative among you who enjoy playing with Bonomo, have you seen the other new art links on the right hand of the page?

Not just for the children….

Parents and relatives, apart from having a snapshot of some of the work going on in our classroom, you too can comment on the work you see on the blog. Remember to call yourself  ‘Melissa’s Mum’, ‘David’s Dad’, ‘Caroline’s Gran’, etc.

There are some useful/stimulating articles and opinion columns under PARENTS section in the links.

If you have a Twitter account, page update announcements will soon be made on @mountsbrdgwtr (currently there are a few compatibility problems with the Herts Grid for Learning filter) so you will also be able to follow us that way.

Blogging over Half Term

Yesterday was our busiest day ever on the blog as interest is growing in this site. It will be updated over the half term holiday with a few new links to stimulating websites and games.

If you write anything interesting, do send it in and your writing can appear over the holiday too for the whole world to read (13 different countries so far today).

Do use the blog to comment about each other’s work and use the comments boxes to submit any of your own writing. The form will ask you for an email address: the only person who can read this is the moderator Mr Heritage and the reason this is collected is so comments and personal information can be monitored, and if necessary edited, so that nothing hurtful appears on this site.

Always check with your parents before you let anyone else know your email address.

To learn more about Internet Safety, visit the Think You Know website (operated by CEOP – the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Agency). It tells you how you can have fun on the internet but also stay in control and how to make a report if you see something that upsets you.

Writers Wanted

@mountsbridgewater needs writers in order to publish lots of new material.  Why don’t you write a piece for the blog so that it will build into a full diary of our learning journey this year?  Here are some ideas for topics:

  • My first impressions of Bridgewater/my first day at school
  • Sports reports – if you take part in a school team, why not publish the match report on the blog?
  • 3 things I’ve learnt recently – this can be any subject: 3 things I’ve learnt in Science this term, 3 things I’ve learnt in Geography/Music/DT etc
  • As you build your puppet, perhaps you would like to tell everyone a story that stars your puppet.
  • If you feel strongly about a certain issue – global warming/Africa/human rights/fishing etc – please do write something for the blog.
  • Poetry
  • A short story – maybe you write science fiction in your spare time. The blog is the perfect place to publish these so everyone can read them.
  • Diaries inspired by historical characters we have studied in our history lessons.
  • Material about Sierra Leone and our link school.

Hello world!

Mounts are a Year 5 class in Bridgewater Middle School in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire in the UK. This is our first year at the school, which teaches children from Years 5,6,7 and 8. We started as a class together this week having previously been at four different first schools in the town, so we thought a blog would be a good record of our learning journey together.

At the moment this blog is being run by our class teacher Mr Heritage, but as soon as he learns how to use the software, we hope that the children will soon take over editing it.

We are looking forward to letting you know what has been going on in our classroom and to show you examples of our work.

Please read the Blogging Guidelines and leave us a comment.