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Happy New Year

Wishing all our readers a Happy New Year.  Anyone got any interesting New Year’s Resolutions?


Christmas Eve

Who’s excited about Christmas then? [Warning: the following video contains monkeys]

End of term

So, first term down. Merry Christmas to all our readers.

What did you all make of your first term at Bridgewater? Did anything surprise you this term? What are you most looking forward to in the Spring term?

Do keep an eye open for little prize competition questions over the holiday. If anyone wants to send in some poetry or creative writing, please feel free and it may well be displayed on this site. If I find any good activities, I’ll post up some links.  You don’t have to be in Mounts to contribute as some of Marlin and Moneybury already know.

For those of you who don’t already know it, here’s a link to the Official NORAD Santa tracker site to help you get even more in the mood for Christmas:

Christmas Tree

Moneybury may have got more decorations up than us, but we’ve got the classiest Christmas tree!


Yo Ho Ho Ho from Mounts


The Christmas Grotto in Moneybury

‘Xmas’ by Thea

Xmas day makes me happy in every way
Lots of presents and food to eat
And fall asleep in my seat.
Fire roaring keeping us warm
Been awake since first dawn
But it’s my favourite time of year
Lots of festive cheer.

Christmas War Diary

Christmas Day.

Well Christmas was a blast. First the Germans put up some Christmas decorations and started singing, so we started singing too. And you know Freddie? Well, he went on to No Mans Land and shook hands with the Germans. Then a bunch of other people from each side came up and shook hands.

It was just amazing how people who were trying to kill each other just went on to No mans Land and shook hands. They did it all for Christmas.

What was so funny was that they put a chair on the half way line and somebody from the Germans started giving people hair cuts. He gave me one. It was brilliant. So they all went back to the trenches nad had supper. We also had some beer.

We said “See you tomorrow” and went to bed, but in the morning the Germans were bombing like mad, because they got some new men that didn’t know anything about the hair cuts or Christmas decorations.

Track Santa on Google maps

Not long now…….

See where Santa is on his way round the world by following him on the NORAD Santa website: