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Greek Day

Today the whole of Year 5 came to school dressed as Greeks. We spent the morning in apprenticeships, learning different crafts in the Agora.



In the afternoon we celebrated the Greek victory over the Persians with a banquet. Mounts performed the story of Medusa, with Luke playing the title role and Libby as Athena.


From Every Kind of Child Obedience I expect

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Here’s your teacher as you’ve never seen him before: appearing as the Mikado, the Emperor of Japan, in Gilbert and Sullivan’s comic operetta ‘The Mikado’. He’s been rehearsing in the Easter holiday and after school for the last few weeks. The Mikado sings  a famous song about how ‘The Punishment Fits the Crime’ in the town of Titipu, where he reigns supreme. The Mikado opened on Saturday and also runs next week from the 25th to 27th April at the Boxmoor Playhouse in Hemel Hempstead.

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‘All the World’s a Stage’ – William Shakespeare

In Year 5 we’re starting to learn about William Shakespeare in our History lessons. Next week we will be performing some Shakespeare in class. Hastoe have been the most knowledgeable class so far and can name 14 of his plays.

Just look at some of the famous phrases and sayings that he created in his writing career:


Some people think Shakespeare is difficult, boring or not relevant to us after 400 years. Do you know anyone who comes with their

and shining morning face, creeping like snail
Unwilling to school”?

Do leave a comment on the blog about what you think.

Spanish Armada recreation

We acted out the whole Spanish battle plan from 1588 in Mounts today, with Harry taking command of the Spanish fleet, up against Fin in command of the English navy. By the end of the lesson Queen Lizzie was safe and the Spanish fleet lay wrecked off the coast of Scotland. After we decided it wasn’t harry’s fault, there then followed a furious debate about why the Spanish attack failed.

Here is a link to the Spanish Armada Bulletin board, so that you can post additional comments, theories and questions:

What Mr H has been up to this Easter

As part of the RSC Open Stages Regional Showcase, your teacher will be narrating and appearing in William Shakespeare’s ‘The Winter’s Tale’ at the Questors Theatre, Ealing Playhouse on Saturday 14th April.

The story tells of a King Leontes, who is consumed by jealousy and tries to destroy his family. Luckily and unknown to him, his wife is rescued and his daughter is smuggled to another country to be brought up as a shepherd’s daughter. The king realises his mistake too late to undo his actions and he is left to contemplate what he has lost for sixteen years, until one day he is reunited with his lost wife and child with the aid of a miraculous trick, when the ‘statue’ of his wife begins to move….

The play contains one of the most famous stage directions in the history of theatre when Antigonus has to “exit, pursed by a bear”.

Spanish Armada

Half way through the year now. Time for some reflection:

Thinking back to our recent history lesson before half term: just why did the Armada fail? Anyone got any theories?

Do post your ideas on the new bulletin board:

The login name is “mountsbridgewater”; the password is the name of our house in lower case letters (hint r_______y). You can write your idea on a post-it note and stick it on the noticeboard.