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A Bugatti Veyron Supersport breaking the speed limit in a blur of fiery red,

A purple banana smoothie made of the first purple banana, yum!

A first bite of a snail,

The holder of the world record for the 110m hurdles,

James Bond’s Aston Martin,

I could do Gangnam style from the age of one,

Cooler than cool,

Hotter than a minion from Despicable Me.



A Lamborghini Aventador breaking the speed limit,

A parallel universe made out of floating water glistening in the light,

A pasta tree which is five centimetres and you eat whole,

A crushed up carrot in a delicious carrot cake,

A tennis ball hit and signed by Andy Murray in the Wimbledon finals,

I am Ironman’s suit.

My part time job is being Monjolor (Thor’s Hammer),

I’m cooler than ice,

I am hotter than the Great Fire of London.


A Ferrari, windows flashing in the sunlight,

A universe, still out there somewhere,

The first bite to the last of the finest Calamari in the world,

That thrilling moment where you take off to clear a giant hurdle.

I can walk in thin air,

Cooler than cool itself,

Hotter than hot itself.


I am the caravan that me and my mum go for adventures in,

An inventor like Joseph Bazalguette,

A blood orange to make your tongue twist,

A judo champion that defeats everyone,

A pixie from Oz Great and Powerful,

I can make the world rest in peace,

Cooler than a mermaid’s touch,

Hotter than a witch’s cauldron.


I am a sparkling leaf green Mr Bean car speeding into a tree,

A live purple pineapple dodging incoming knives,

The first taste of a holy, award-winning fish finger with custard,

The last racket in Andy Murray’s bag,

The last suit that Iron Man blew up,

I can make money grow on trees,

I’m cooler than anything that’s cool,

Hotter than a million suns.


A red gleaming Ferrari, speeding around corners,

The biggest tropical fish in the world,

Scales shimmering in the sun light.

The last fruity Mento in the pack waiting to be eaten,

The finishing hurdle of an Olympic athlete,

I can jump as high as the moon,

Cooler than epic,

Hotter than the Earth’s core.


A Ferrari speeding through red lights,

The first rocket to touch the moon,

The first taste of fresh lemon drizzle,

A new Beth Tweddle winning gold.

A Smurf from the Smurf Movie,

Cooler than a breeze in the wind,

Hotter than a volcano exploding.