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Fagin’s Den by Fin W.

oliver denThe second Oliver stepped into the den he heard the scuttling of rats jumping out of the way. Next the strong smell of tobacco and burnt sausages overwhelmed him. Handkerchiefs everywhere hanging up, on the table and strewn across the floor. About ten boys sitting at the table all smoking and drinking gin, they were playing some card game. The next thing Oliver noticed was a big presence sitting front of the fire cooking sausage after sausage. The little light the fire was giving was blocked by the man in front of the fire. The boys were laughing together joking about. Everything was rotten. The bricks, the wooden floor creaked under his weight.


Fagin’s Den by Freddie

As the Dodger dragged him up the squeaky rotted stairs like he was a rag doll, there was a strong smell of tobacco going up his wide as peas nostrils, as he he entered a drab dull attic. The room had ripped walls and no windows with sheep and cow skin hanging from the rotted slates like giant bats in a cave.

There was a tall old man with a beard like Santa and a dusty tattered top hat. His brown coat draped down behind him with a silk handkerchief hanging out of his pocket. His coat looked like it had been rolled in the ashes of a roaring fire.

oliver den

Fagin’s Den – Charlie’s writing inspired by Oliver Twist

Oliver stepped into the gloomy dark room and gave a slight cry but no one heard. He then saw an old gentleman (but you will find he is not a gentleman later) with a grey, long, hairy beard and five other boys in the room. He was very distracted by the glorious smell of sausages but Dodger dragged him away. He was looking round the room at the ragged wallpaper which was peeling away and the dirty washing line with dusty handkerchiefs hanging on it like Vampire bats having a harmless sleep. He could also see Fagin’s dirty clothes including his brown longish jacket.

Fagin’s Den – Penny’s writing inspired by Oliver Twist

 It was a cold, dark, misty day and Oliver was sitting by a fountain drinking water when suddenly a small dark figure stepped in front of him and said “You cold and hungry? I know just the place for you, follow me. My name’s the Artful Dodger, call me Dodger for short, what’s yours?”

“Oliver” he said quietly “Oliver Twist”

“Oliver it is then” said Dodger “Now come.”

As Oliver followed the Dodger up the creaky steps, they came to a door. The Dodger opened it and as soon as Oliver stepped through the old dusty door, he smelled the sweet smell of actual food.

“Sausages, yes sausages” Oliver thought to himself.