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The Six Worst Excuses in the World by Jessica and Millie in Marlin (after Claire Bevan)

No 1: The dog ate it.

No 2: I put it on the desk next to the doggy treats and the dog jumped up like a flying bird and accidentally ate it.

No 3: I was practising my tap dancing and I was like a pro, when I trod on it and it flew into the air and into the huge volcano at the end of my road and flew back out and the dog ate it.

No 4: I was singing on my karaoke and I was as good as Lady gaga ad I was kicking and dancing when suddenly it flew onto the lamp shade and my dog flew like a dragon and ate it.

No 5: I was on my way to the moon and I was nearing the sun and I was allowed to go outside with my homework when my dog pushed me and I let go of it and my dog tried to save it but instead he ate it.

No 6: Mrs Liverside, I know I’ve not got my homework, but I’ve got a present for you instead: SUNGLASSES!!!



The Six Worst Excuses in the World by Ava in Marlin (after Claire Bevan)

No 1: the dog ate it.

No 2: I finished it then it poured down with rain and it got soaked, when it was dry, the dog ate it.

No 3: I accidentally dropped it in the toilet and then my dog ate it.

No 4: A giant as big as a sky scraper came and raided our house for my homework and then he got arrested and the dog ate it.

No 5: Suddenly Neptune appeared, he wished our house away, we washed up in California on the beach, the homework dried and a piece of talking cheese ran away with it, so my dog chased it, demolished the cheese and then ate it.

No 6: Here is a ticket to see England play cricket in the finals against India. Actually that one works rather well.




The Six Worst Excuses in the World by Abbie in Marlin (after Claire Bevan)

No 1: The dog ate it.

No 2: A big ugly pigeon came through my window and took it, but he dropped it and the dog ate it.

No 3: Santa came and saw my homework and took it to give to my teacher, but he dropped it down the black chimney while he was climbing up it and my greedy dog ate it.

No 4: We were baking and we accidentally got my homework mixed with cake ix, it was as slumpy as slime, it was gross and pink and my annoying dog ate it.

No 5: The muddy hand from ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ came and took it off my clean kitchen side, as clean as a hospital ward. I grabbed it and put it back on the side, my dog jumped up and ate it.

No 6: Here is a pen from America with your name on it. Actually that one works rather well.

dghmwrk[Spellings and punctuation amended by teacher]

Fagin’s Den by Fin W.

oliver denThe second Oliver stepped into the den he heard the scuttling of rats jumping out of the way. Next the strong smell of tobacco and burnt sausages overwhelmed him. Handkerchiefs everywhere hanging up, on the table and strewn across the floor. About ten boys sitting at the table all smoking and drinking gin, they were playing some card game. The next thing Oliver noticed was a big presence sitting front of the fire cooking sausage after sausage. The little light the fire was giving was blocked by the man in front of the fire. The boys were laughing together joking about. Everything was rotten. The bricks, the wooden floor creaked under his weight.

Fagin’s Den by Freddie

As the Dodger dragged him up the squeaky rotted stairs like he was a rag doll, there was a strong smell of tobacco going up his wide as peas nostrils, as he he entered a drab dull attic. The room had ripped walls and no windows with sheep and cow skin hanging from the rotted slates like giant bats in a cave.

There was a tall old man with a beard like Santa and a dusty tattered top hat. His brown coat draped down behind him with a silk handkerchief hanging out of his pocket. His coat looked like it had been rolled in the ashes of a roaring fire.

oliver den

The Highwayman’s Story by Amelia


The wind was a torrent of darkness among the gusty trees. The sky was a midnight blue. The stars were scattered among the evening folds like shells on a beach. I rode up the dusty track with clouds of powder streaming up behind me. I saw its windows gleaming with candle light. The old oak door was locked and the shutters were shut as if they were trying to keep out a terrible beast. I cracked my whip on the window and whistled a note but it did not break the still night air.

I wore my burgundy velvet coat and lace like bunches of flowers at my throat and wrists. Soft leather gloves covered my hands. Sturdy boots covered three quarters of my legs. A foreign black hat perched lopsided on my head.

Bess stood at the window, suddenly braiding a scarlet ribbon into her jet black hair. Little did I know that Tim was eavesdropping with an ashen face and a heavy heart. For he loved Bess more than anything else in all the world.

“I’m going for a prize of yellow gold tonight before the morning light. Yet if they press me sharply and harry me through the day I’ll be with you in the moonlight though hell should bar the way,” I announced proudly with my head held up high. On that I rose up on the stirrups so I could hardly touch her hand. I galloped away to the west.

The Landlord’s Story by Libby (based on Alfred Noyes ‘The Highwayman’)

Let me tell you about when my daughter, Bess, met her end. rcoats

One gloomy night my Bess was upstairs in her room while I was in the cellars, looking for some more ale for tomorrow.But then I heard footsteps above me. I thought it must of just been Bess getting a drink, so I carried on dwelling through the cellars. But then I heard more than a couple of footsteps. I tried pushing the trap-door opento get out of the cellars but somebody was standing on it! I banged on the door and shouted “get me out!” But suddenly the wieght lifted off and the trapdoor swung open.

I ran upstairs and there was ale every where, chairs flipped over, mud all over the tables. I immediately grabbed a cloth and cleaned the tables furiously. But then I realised there were boot prints on the table. “Who danced on the table!?” I shouted. But suddenly I heard a gun shot from upstairs in Bess’s room.

I hurried upstairs and what did I see? Bess, covered in her own scarlet blood, slouched on a pillar with rope tied around her waist.