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Last day of term.

Fly_my_PrettiesGoodbye Mounts. I REALLY enjoyed teaching you this year. Keep up that great attitude and class spirit and I’m sure you’ll all go far in Year 6 and beyond.

There may be some occasional updates on this site over the holiday if I find some fun links.

You can always make contact through the comments boxes. The WordPress app updates to my tablet every half an hour or so, though I won’t be checking in during my week in Italy (I’m off to the opera in Verona in August).

Come back and visit the new blog at 

Have a great holiday everyone….


A reminder about Blogging guidelines for our new contributors, readers and their parents

We are all really excited to have our class blog and share the story of our year. Keeping the blog a safe a secure place to work is very important. Through the use of the blog the children have the opportunity to develop their understanding of online safety and how to behave when on the web.

We have a few simple guidelines that we need to keep to in order to make the most of our class blog.

* Children are to only use their first name when commenting.
* Parents who leave comments are asked to use their first name only so as not to identify their child. Or post comments as “Harry’s Mum” or “Megan’s Grandfather”.
* All posts will be checked by Mr Heritage before they are published to the blog.
* All comments are moderated by Mr Heritage before they appear on the blog.

If you have any more concerns about the security of the blog then please contact me through the diary.

Mr Heritage

* Guidelines adapted from Alex’s class blog, who got them from Tom Barrett – many thanks