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Some End of Year Awards

Congratulations to Fin W, Meadow and Freddie who all received the school’s top ranking of a 5 star athletic award in assembly today.

Also well done to Louis and Maddie are now fully trained on the SAFE Internet course and were awarded their certificates.

Freddie has also received a certificate from Hertfordshire County Council for 100% attendance over the whole year.

Well done everybody.




Well done to Fin W and Evie from Mounts together with Freddie and Alex from Moneybury, who won their heat of the Hertfordshire Year 5 Maths Challenge against a range of schools from across the Hemel and Rickmansworth areas.

We hope that they will now go forward to represent the school in the County finals in June.

Also well done to Skye who took part in a Judo competition at the weekend and was awarded a bronze medal, even though she was taking on opponents more than one and a half times her own weight.

Cameron managed to win an informal coin tossing prediction competition in Mounts today, not once but twice. To do this, he correctly predicted the toss of a coin on at least twelve occasions in a row. Does anyone know how likely or unlikely this feat is?


Olympic Torch in Herts


Anyone else see the Olympic torch in Hemel Hempstead today? Did you get wet? Has anyone got tickets for the Games? What do the Olympics mean to you?

A genuine World War One song sung in the trenches by Hert’shire men

This song was published in January 1915 and could be purchased from the ‘Gazette’ Stationery Stores in Hemel Hempstead and Berkhamsted for a penny.

Listen to the story

That I wish to tell

Of the lads of Hert’shire

Whom you know so well;

Loyal lads of Apsley,

Hempstead and Boxmoor.

Loyal lads of Langley

Many a gallant score.

Over there in Flanders,

On a winter’s night,

When the rain was falling

And the roads a sight,

Loudly rang the bugle

For the Hert’shire men,

Who with joy assembled,

Ne’er to meet again.

“In the rain and darkness

To the foes draw near;

Softly take the places

Of your brethren dear;

Bravely have they battled

Many a weary day;

Forward to relieve them!

Forward to the fray!”

Ready, ever ready

Are the Hert’shire men,

Though it were to battle

Every man with ten;

With a cheer they started

For the battle front,

Started for the trenches

There to bear the brunt.

The author was the Reverend Thomas Tiplady, Methodist Minister at Marlowes in Hemel Hempstead and he set it to a hymn ‘Jesu Lover of My Soul’ because he read in the Daily Chronicle that it was what the Hertfordshire Territorials were singing as they arrived at the trenches.