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Some more Greek crafts from Greek Day

Here are some more of the craft items that the children made in the Agora on Tuesday.


An Offering to the Goddess Athena


Oh Goddess Athena, please accept these offerings from your Athenian citizens, and continue to look after our glorious city and protect us from the Persian army….

Greek Day

Today the whole of Year 5 came to school dressed as Greeks. We spent the morning in apprenticeships, learning different crafts in the Agora.



In the afternoon we celebrated the Greek victory over the Persians with a banquet. Mounts performed the story of Medusa, with Luke playing the title role and Libby as Athena.

Anne of Cleves by Cerys

Cerys’s History project came back with a note from Henry about how impressed he was with her artwork and that she could perhaps be a rival for his great court painter Hans Holbein the Younger (c1497-1543)


Anne of Cleves by Cerys


Anne of Cleves by Hans Holbein the Younger

Izobella’s Tudor Project

Getting near the end of the Tudor Food projects. There was so much amazing work done earlier this year, including this beautifully presented book by Izobella:

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Alex’s Tudor Food Project

This is an amazing project from Alex in Moneybury. This book is just beautiful and should be a real treasure to look back upon when Alex is older.

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Amelia’s History Project

Amelia Henry Portrait

Here’s a couple of inserts from Amelia’s History project.  The hand-drawn infographics are a particularly effective way to present comparison information:

Amelia History Amelia History2

Amelia History3 Amelia History4