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Behold…. Xavier’s Cockentrice

Xavier in Marlin followed up his roasted boar’s head by stitching together a rabbit and a chicken to make the legendary Cockentrice. This was a mythical creature, brought out at feasts to amaze and amuse the dinner guests.


‘All the World’s a Stage’ – William Shakespeare

In Year 5 we’re starting to learn about William Shakespeare in our History lessons. Next week we will be performing some Shakespeare in class. Hastoe have been the most knowledgeable class so far and can name 14 of his plays.

Just look at some of the famous phrases and sayings that he created in his writing career:


Some people think Shakespeare is difficult, boring or not relevant to us after 400 years. Do you know anyone who comes with their

and shining morning face, creeping like snail
Unwilling to school”?

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Some advice from Moneybury about how to spot a Witch in Tudor and Stuart times….

Late last year for Anti-Bullying Week we learned about how old ladies were picked upon and singled out unfairly as witches just because they were different from their neighbours. Here is some advice from Aaron, Alex, Amelie, Anna, Darren, Elise, Freddie, Harriet & Thibaud in Moneybury about how to spot a witch in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries:

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A Guide to Tudor and Stuart Witches by Arran

Arran Witches

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