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Guest Blogger from Hastoe: Abbie’s Eyam Diary

Dear Diary,

Today I watched my best friend being buried. It was horrible I watched as they laid her in her tomb. I had to choose the words to go on her tomb stone because all the other family members had already died. I wrote:

Goodbye beloved friend. I may be soon joining you in heaven. I am sorry for all the times I was mean. Date of death 26 October 1665.

Oh Diary I wish I knew what was causing the plague and hope it ends sooo. I still miss my poor mother. I wanted to visit her tomb stone today, but when I got to the entrance of the grave yard there were guards who said I couldn’t go in.

That’s all for now



Guest Blogger from Hastoe: Oscar J’s Eyam Diary

Dear Diary,

Summer 1665

Today my friend Alex the tailor died a week after he got a parcel delivered to him. There was a horrible black egg sized boils all over him and he was puking totting smelling sick. So we had a meeting to decide what to do and Rector Mompesson made us stay here instead of fleeing to Sheffield…..

Winter 1665

People are dropping like flies. I mean only last month my sister died with terrible swellings and dark patches all over her. I still think we should of gone to Sheffield. We got food by people leaving food outside the village then we leave money in a tank of vinegar for them to collect. Anyway bye for today.

November 1666 been here for nearly a year and a half. I still haven’t died. It must be a record, wait, oh no I think I’ve got the plague ….. ugghh [the manuscript ends abruptly with a large pen mark]

Guest Blogger from Hastoe: Eve’s Plague Diary

Dear Diary,

I did agree for the quarantine but because my younger brother died I’m starting to change my mind and I hate not being able to see my friend Hollie who was outside the village Eyam. She delivers our food but were not allowed to meet and I can’t even write to her or send a scarf. I was about to send before the plague struck first the tailor then the miller and then tragically my younger brother. I am so relieved that my mum had the plague but she survived. My dad died and me and my mum went to bury him and my brother August 13th 1666 my birthday! By August over three quarters of the people in Eyam have died. Me and my mum went to collect the food Hollie had dropped off in the morning there were  many flowers on the parish boundary stones for people who had died. I hop I don’t die! Off to my friend Lillie’s house for her cousin’s funeral!


Guest Blogger from Hastoe: Sadie’s Eyam Diary

Dear Diary,

Today was one of the worst in my life. Millie was not at her window this morning. Mr and Mrs Evanson (Millie’s mother and father) came out of the door with a dead girl in their hands. It was Millie! They placed dear Millie in the cart and hurried back into their house, Mrs Evanson crying. I started to cry too! I’m sitting in my bedchamber writing in here ashamed. I am willing to die too after what I saw this morning, so I am agreeing with Mr Mompesson about staying here. I can’t bear to go around the world spreading the pague. I have to go and get some food now as I am very hungry.

Best wishes hoping I don’t get the plague


Guest Blogger from Hastoe: Lily’s Eyam Diary

All of this has been so much trouble! None of my family are alive except me and my dog. We have just had a conversation about whether we should stay or leave Eyam. I feel so sad about the fact that I have to bury my wife and children and one of them was only three years old. Another thing, people leave food for us on these stones and do not leave any message who they are what they are. I miss my friends and family from other villages and I am worried that they will have got the plague. Ever since the tailor died more people are dying and our population has decreased quite dramatically. William Mompesson himself thought it was a good idea to stay here because if we die it’s not that important, so if we stay other people in more important cities will live. Now we barely have any people left in our village and now thoughts keep running through my head on what to do and now I’m really confused…..

Eyam Diary by Leila from Hastoe

Dear Diary,

Today William Mompesson was asking us if we should stay or leave. Half of us wanted to leave, the other half wanted to stay so William Mompesson said “we will have a vote”.

In Eyam we have two hundred and ninety two people alive. If we stay, one person might get the plague, we would all catch the plague and then we will all die. But if we leave and go to Morocco, the Moon or Scotland, we will not die of the plague!

Some of the people (on the ‘stay’ side) said “we’ve got excellent ideas. Why don’t we get a bottle, put some coins in it, put some sort of liquid in it and put the bottle in the nearest village.” “But then you’ll get the plague. It just won’t work!” said our side. I hated today.

Mary Parke

The Plague by Sarah from Hastoe

Thursday 19th August 1665

The plague has come upon us and some of my best friends have been dropping like flies. Just a week ago today I had to bury my mother as I’m now under the strict eyes of my father, I fear I will die of the plague as well. William Mompesson told us to stay in our town. We were thinking of moving, but I don’t think I will now.

Saturday 16th October 1666

Months have passed and I’m getting a big spot.

Wednesday 14th November

My father has departed us.

[Cough. Cough]. The manuscripts ends here.