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Cerys’s Diary of a Tudor Sailor

Dear Diary,

Today was just one  normal dreary day of tired on board ship. It all started when my friend Jon when he tipped me out of my hammock that was full of disgusting slimy maggots that fell on top of me and some fell into my mouth. I screamed with horror from how disgusting they were, because I nearly swallowed  Now I knew I would be late for my turn to clean up on deck if I didn’t hurry up and get dressed. As soon as I could I ran to get ready, but I got delayed for about one minute because the ship toppled from side to side. I found it so hard to hold on to something, but I succeeded for a few seconds then I slipped and bumped and crashed my way to the other side of the ship and slammed my head and nearly fainted.

Jon and a few other people who I didn’t know as well as I know now rushed over to me see what happened. They all had a look at the large bump on my head. One of them told me I might have to go to the barber surgeon with horror and my heart was pumping so fast, I felt like my head was going to explode like a bomb filled with maggot biscuits and sea water.

So they all helped me up to the top of the ship and sat me alone on such an uncomfy chair but it was the best you can get on a ship like this. Soon the ship’s captain stormed over at me and took one look at my bump and said I was absolutely fine. I was so glad I didn’t have to go to the terrible barber surgeon, but then he told me it was still my turn up on top deck today. I was a bit disappointed because I thought I had got out of that, but I guess not, so I went to get the mop and by the time I am finished I will be covered all over in rat wee and poo. Disgusting I thought to myself.


Spelling corrected by teacher


Ava’s Imaginary Sailing Diary

gallToday I started work at sea. It is worse than I had expected, yesterday I was sent as press gangs to recruit two more people as we were short. It’s my job to order the barrels of food, but this morning Tim, who works in the galley complained that the barrels are half full of mouldy food! Honestly, the dishonesty of some people astounds me! Today someone was flogged. It was horrible, he had been sentenced to 15 whips for falling asleep on duty at night, I don’t blame him, the work at night is so hard and you can’t help it! Tommorow I am on the emptying poo buckets duty, how I’m dreading it!!!! I don’t like the way our hammocks swing about when your trying to sleep, I didn’t sleep a wink last night. The conditions aboard are dreadful! I say dreadful! Praise the day we get off this ship. The captain of course sis back and does nothing, ths bully, Tim is the Capn’s favourite, so he basicly pusheds us around all the time. The only good thing about this trip is that yesterday we stopped at Africa to get more supplies and it was an extraordinary sight.


Spanish Armada recreation

We acted out the whole Spanish battle plan from 1588 in Mounts today, with Harry taking command of the Spanish fleet, up against Fin in command of the English navy. By the end of the lesson Queen Lizzie was safe and the Spanish fleet lay wrecked off the coast of Scotland. After we decided it wasn’t harry’s fault, there then followed a furious debate about why the Spanish attack failed.

Here is a link to the Spanish Armada Bulletin board, so that you can post additional comments, theories and questions:

Evie’s Imaginary Diary of a Tudor Sailor

Dear Diary,

Today was one of the best days of my life! The day I finally got revenge on Jim, who leaves lice in the bed.

I woke up at dawn, as usual. It wasn’t until about two minutes that I realised Jim was looming over me, nits practically falling off him and onto me.

I jumped out of my hammock and grabbed a scrubbing brush, as I was beginning to feel itchy. Upstairs I cleaned the deck long and hard until it sparkled.

Next I went up to the crow’s nest and when I came down, I heard some shouting from below deck. Cautiously clambering down I realised Jim had overslept!

I hoped the punishment was bad. Finally payback for all those times when I couldn’t get to sleep because I was scratching & scratching. Naturally I was overjoyed when I was asked to take part in a keel hauling, during a large helping of mouldy biscuits and maggots. Mmmmm, my favourite!

As soon as lunch was finished, I hurried to the ropes. I wanted to be at the front, so I could see Jim’s face as he got nearer and nearer to drowning. Hooray, I couldn’t wait.

Finally it was time. I took great pleasure in banging his head on the bottom of the boat, scratching it on the barnacles. It was worth sleeping in a bed full of lice, just to do this! If only the water was shark-infested. If only, if only.

tudor ship

Melody’s Imaginary Diary of a Tudor Sailor

Dear Diary,

Today started as normal. I woke up at 4am. I job shared with Robert. I had to climb up to the crows nest through a terrible storm. I was very scared. There was one point I nearly fell down into the shark infested sea. The storm lasted for 3 hours and I couldn’t get down, so I was up there for 3 hours.

When I finally got down onto top deck, It was lunch time. For lunch I had a salty biscuit with maggots crawling through it. I ate because there was nothing else to eat. The biscuit was disgusting.

In about 10 minutes I was sick, I really didn’t feel well. But I had to carry on working because I knew that if I didn’t I would get punished.

This time my job was to punish y best friend Thomas. I don’t know what he did wrong, but I had to flog him. I really felt sorry for him.

Finally it was the end of the day and I got into my horrible and smelly hammock.


Ship’s Biscuits by Anna

We’ve been learning about the harsh conditions of life at sea during these last two weeks. Anna made some ‘hard tack’ ship’s biscuits as part of her project. Luckily maggots are not included.



Screenshot from Anna's Cookery Video

Screenshot from Anna’s Cookery Video