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Last day of term.

Fly_my_PrettiesGoodbye Mounts. I REALLY enjoyed teaching you this year. Keep up that great attitude and class spirit and I’m sure you’ll all go far in Year 6 and beyond.

There may be some occasional updates on this site over the holiday if I find some fun links.

You can always make contact through the comments boxes. The WordPress app updates to my tablet every half an hour or so, though I won’t be checking in during my week in Italy (I’m off to the opera in Verona in August).

Come back and visit the new blog at 

Have a great holiday everyone….


Fruit Wars

Xavi and Cameron made this short film outside of school one day using Lego Moviemaker:

Happy New Year

Wishing all our readers a Happy New Year.  Anyone got any interesting New Year’s Resolutions?


Christmas Eve

Who’s excited about Christmas then? [Warning: the following video contains monkeys]

Half Term

Eight weeks down and it’s half term. How has this half term been for you? What have been the highlights so far? The trip? The time the equipment blew up in ‘Bangers ‘n Smash’? What have been your favourite lessons or clubs? Do leave a comment on the blog. If you read anything interesting, share it with us in the BOOK TALK section. If you go anywhere good, write a diary account of your day and post it in the Mounts comments section to share with everyone.

Don’t forget the short story competition – 500-600 words entitled ‘The Choice’ for a chance to win a £20 book token and a book by Sue Hampton.

When we get back we will practising for our Remembrance Day assembly on Friday 9th November.Keep your eyes peeled for a good poem that you can read out and perform in front of the class in the second week back. There are some poetry links on this website for people who don’t have poetry books at home or the chance to go to the library.

Keep an eye on this website during the holiday. There is still some more English work that will be displayed over the next week. If I come across any fun links I will post them up too.


Empty Classroom


First Monday of the holiday. Doesn’t the classroom look lonely with nobody about. What must Bullet be thinking?