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Harry’s Tudor Project

Here is Harry’s work on Tudor food from last month. He presented it as a pdf file, though here it is uploaded to an interactive flipbook:

harry tudor menu_001


Head Chef Kyle prepares a Pasty

Kyle made a wonderful cookery video as he presented on how to make a Pasty fit for Henry VIII. Here are some stills from his video:

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Evie’s Tudor Menu

Another History project from last month. Evie created a menu for the ‘Tudor Cafe’:

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Henry and Francis Go to a Restaurant

If we can obtain a copy in a different format, we might be able to post a full copy of Xavi’s movie ‘Henry and Francis Go to a Restaurant’. In the meantime, here is a still from Xavi’s film:henry & francis

Xavier has been in the kitchen again….

Xavier has been getting to work in his kitchen again. Even though he had handed his History project in, he had another project he wanted to do. If you thought the Boar’s head was impressive (and maybe just a bit grisly), keep an eye open for updates on this site of his Cockentrice Project…..

xavier knives

Xavier’s Tudor Banquet

Xavier’s Hog’s Head project can be read if you click on the Flipbook link below (caution NOT for the squeamish!). He provides details and photographs showing how he prepared a WHOLE pig’s head:

hog head

Skye’s History Project

Click on the link for an interactive flipbook of Skye’s Tudor food project:

The marzipan fruits look delicious!

Skye fruits