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The Creation by Luke

In RE lessons we have been looking at the Creation story from the Torah and the Bible. Here is Luke’s version:

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Poll: Would you sell your sense of humour for £1 million pounds?

After our discussion in RE about Ultimate Questions, here’s a chance to continue  the debate. You can expand your arguments  in the comments box too.

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The Buddha by Georgia

According to legend, before the Buddha died some of the monks that followed him recorded his face on a grid so that people would know what he looked like long after he had left the Earth.

Here is Georgia’s version of the Buddha using the grid. You can download the grid and instructions how to draw his portrait on this web site:


The Creation according to Isabelle

Isabelle created a wonderful Creation Story at the end of last term. Here’s what she made:

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The Creation by Molly

An ICT presentation is today’s update, courtesy of Molly:

the creation

Guest contributor Charlotte in Marlin made a beautiful little booklet, bound with a ribbon  as her Creation Story booklet. It was too beautiful to wait until Open evening before going on display.



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Jamie’s Seven Days of Creation

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