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Science Day

Today is Science Day in Mounts.

In this lesson we are learning about the phrase you are what you eat:

wpid-2013-03-19-09.57.21.jpg wpid-2013-03-19-09.59.29.jpg

After being allowed a treat…..


….. now we had to burn off the energy:

Did you know there was this much sugar in a glass of Cola?



College Lake and Tring Museum

The whole of Year 5 are headed for Tring Museum and College Lake tomorrow. Pond dipping will be one of tomorrow’s activities. To do a virtual pond dip from the comfort of your own home, try this link:

Royal Institution Christmas Lectures

Those of you who’ve been enjoying (or even those of you who missed them first time round) the RI Christmas lectures might like to know that they are available to watch again on the RI website alongside other recent RI Christmas lecture seasons:

New things

Lots of new things appearing among the links – anything from making a portrait in the style of Pablo Picasso to designing your own planet. There are spelling games, a gingerbread man to decorate and a new section on writers for you to explore. Has anyone visited the Amazing Word Tamer yet?

Trip to Tring Museum and College Lake

We’re all back safely from Tring Museum and College Lake today. Not sure what the pond life made of being pond-dipped all day though.

More information about pond habitats:

Explore a spoonful of virtual pondwater:

If you enjoyed your trip to Tring Museum and College Lake, why not write about it on the blog?

Year 5 Trip to Tring

Don’t forget tomorrow leave your planners and uniform behind, bring a packed lunch and be prepared to be outside in all weathers as Year 5 head for Tring.

In the morning we are going to Tring Museum, where we will have a chance to handle some of the exhibits.

The afternoon will involve a trip to College Lake Nature Reserve

A big thank you to all the parents who are giving up their time to accompany us and help out on Friday.