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Ava’s Imaginary Sailing Diary

gallToday I started work at sea. It is worse than I had expected, yesterday I was sent as press gangs to recruit two more people as we were short. It’s my job to order the barrels of food, but this morning Tim, who works in the galley complained that the barrels are half full of mouldy food! Honestly, the dishonesty of some people astounds me! Today someone was flogged. It was horrible, he had been sentenced to 15 whips for falling asleep on duty at night, I don’t blame him, the work at night is so hard and you can’t help it! Tommorow I am on the emptying poo buckets duty, how I’m dreading it!!!! I don’t like the way our hammocks swing about when your trying to sleep, I didn’t sleep a wink last night. The conditions aboard are dreadful! I say dreadful! Praise the day we get off this ship. The captain of course sis back and does nothing, ths bully, Tim is the Capn’s favourite, so he basicly pusheds us around all the time. The only good thing about this trip is that yesterday we stopped at Africa to get more supplies and it was an extraordinary sight.



Spanish Armada recreation

We acted out the whole Spanish battle plan from 1588 in Mounts today, with Harry taking command of the Spanish fleet, up against Fin in command of the English navy. By the end of the lesson Queen Lizzie was safe and the Spanish fleet lay wrecked off the coast of Scotland. After we decided it wasn’t harry’s fault, there then followed a furious debate about why the Spanish attack failed.

Here is a link to the Spanish Armada Bulletin board, so that you can post additional comments, theories and questions:

Angus’s Diary of a Tudor Sailor

It is 1578 aboard the Golden Hind. Today is the 17th October. It is night and we’re still sailing. It is strange, we don’t usually sail at night. I have noticed that Captain Drake seems slightly bothered lately. Maybe it’s because he suspects we’re being chased by the Spanish (spit spit spit).

Life aboard ship is hard. I have no idea where we are although rumours say we just sailed round the tip of a place called Emerica.

Earlier today I was firmly told by Captain Drake to go up to the crows nest. Then he told me in a hoarse whisper to watch out for the Spanish ships. I can’t believe how much you get rocked about up there. I felt quite sick after 10 minutes I came down the rigging and was bled arrgh that hurt.

Later I was asked to help with an amputation. I do not like helping out with amputations. I was asked to hold down the unlucky person about to become an amputee!

Alfie’s Diary of a Tudor Sailor

Dear Diary,

My first day at sea today did I like it – no. The Golden Hind is massive and beautiful. When I first got on the ship the captain showed me to my room – OK not a room a hammock. I was next to a man named Phil about 30 I liked him and we had a chat. My sailors chest is almost full with chess, food and all my possessions. later on I heard screaming I quickly dashed up from the main gun deck (where I work) to see what was going on. I realised Phil was being whipped I hated having to watch  this but many men just kept laughing and drinking beer. When Phil came back from being whipped I asked he’d done but he just turned away then he came back and pounded me, I was bleeding. Then I puched him back but soon stopped after I heard footsteps. I was asked to empty the dirty toilet buckets on my first day.The perfect thing to do before tea. Tea was ships biscuits many ate theirs in the dark I wondered why until I took a bite. Maggots!!! I almost puked but composed myself till night.


Ollie’s Diary of a Tudor Sailor

When I woke up there was two men holding me down and I could feel one of the men’s silky soft smooth beard runing down my spine. Then as the barber-surgeon got closer my vision got better and I started to see this sharp silver knife. Then they stuffed a bottle of rum in my mouth. Then put a wet bandage in my mouth and the barber surrgeon scraped the silver knife on my skin “Ahhhhh.”

Hollie’s Diary of a Tudor Sailor

Today I was up on the crows nest and the ship was going from side to side all of a sudden I fell off so then I had to go to the barber surgen Peter. I had to sit down, drink some rum then bite something. people had to hold me down while the barber surgeon cut my leg off. After that I can hardly do anything so then I kept on geting told of for a while today becuase I couldn’t do much. The captain found out I had been to the barber sergon and ot my leg cut of so then I had dinner. I had some dride biscits with magets in it.

Tools of the Barber-Surgeon's trade from the wreck of the Mary Rose

Zachary’s Diary of a Tudor Sailor

Dear Diary,

Yesterday was my first day at sea. It was horrible. As soon as I got up from bed I could smell the bilge which put me straight off my appetite. After that I crept up the steps and as soon as I got to the top of the stairs the captain yelled at me, “you there, up the crow’s nest’.

Slowly I climbed the rigging and hid as the ship swayed from side to side, till the bosun yeld at me “what can you see from up there boy.” Slowly I got up and scanned the horizon. Suddenly I spotted a Spanish flag flying and yelled “Spanish flag.” Constantly shouting orders below as I hid in the crow’s nest, suddenly somebody yelled “get down from there boy, we need all the men we’ve got.”