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Libby’s Snowy Setting

Speeding faster and faster we were sledging down the snowy crystal-white hill, like a snow leopard chasing a rabbit.  Suddenly we halted and crashed into a stretching tree. I got up and the adrenalin faded, everything became peaceful. Trees whispering to eachother, snow pressing in the frosty air, glistening ground and the sun laying on the horizon. Then I felt something hit my back….

“OK then,” I mumbled “you asked for it…. I scooped up some snow, packed it tight and….. “Snowball fight!” I threw it at my friend and hit him directly in the face, while diving behind a towering snow wall and just missing his snowball. “Ha!” I proudly shouted.


Abi’s Snowy Setting

On the soft fluffy snow there was people was sledging and playing.  The people looked like they was having fun rolling and playing.  The sun is going down and there are shados of the people.  The snow on the trees looks like a Christmas tree.

One day I went to a snowy hill with my family we all had fun on the soft fluffy snow we all had fun on the sledges and in the snow. It was realy windy on my face. The sun was going down as it was going down the shados were reflecting off all of us. The snow on the trees looked like a sparkly Christmas tree after went home.

Amelia’s Snowy Setting

The snow was deep and fluffy like candyfloss layering the ground. Dead thistles waited cunningly to prickle an oncoming behind. Deep sledge tracks striped the hillside making it steeper than ever. The sun shone brightly battling against the icing sugar snow.

Happy faces were flushed with delight. Colourful sledges skidded down the hill under the weight of their riders. Warm winter coats littered the landscape; friendly voices babble  together excitedly. Leafless trees leaned against the chilling blue sky.

Melody’s Snowy Setting writing

I can feel the cold wind on my pale cheeks. I can hear birds chirping a sweet tune. The snow looks like icing on a cake. The sun is creeping over the snowy hills.  I can see people having fun. The trees look like monsters trying to grab food…….

Touching the Void by Louis

We reached the summit successfully but on the way down an avalanche struck. Siula Grande seemed easy to get up but impossible to get down. Simon kept on encouraging us on but it wasn’t enough. The snow was so slippy I fell.

Now I can tell you that braking your leg is an unpleasant feeling but on a mountain, in the snow, its worse. The pain was so unbearable and impossible to walk on so Simon tied us together for safety. I felt better but I am sure Simon felt a lot worse. We stumbled on munching our chocolate bars for energy.

There was nothing we could do, the avalanche just kept getting heavier. We had to rest. But just before we stopped , disaster, I had a second fall. I slipped and fell off a sudden drop. Simon grabbed onto something and held on. I however  wasn’t so lucky. Before I knew it I was dangling from the rope in mid-air for nearly an hour.

Eventually I fell! It was horrible feeling but even worse when I looked up and saw that Simon wasn’t falling too. He must have cut the rope! That’s when it all went dark. When I finally awoke I realised that I was alive. An ice cave broke my fall. Crawling on my arms I finally reached the camp in the middle of the night 3 days later.

Simon was so apologetic it was hard not to forgive him for what he did.

But in the end it was impossible.




‘Touching the Void’ by Harry

Climbing down the mountain me and Simon were heading back to base camp.

Everything was going well for me and Simon. We had managed to climb to the top of the Siula Grande and we were on the way back down. “Not a long way to go now” but as I said those words the snow slipped from beneath my feet. I fell and broke my leg. It was the most painful experience I’ve ever faced  in my 25 years of climbing.

“I’m OK” but it was as if my words hated me, I slipped and slided over the edge of the precipice. I cannot describe my fear as I fell over the edge. It was not only that, my leg was getting worse. Swinging like a pendulum, I was clutching my leg for warmth. Simon was up there gripping the rope for my life, he looked like he was so worn out, I saw him let go the rope and with one hand, He was going to cut the rope, suddenly I saw a knife appear out of the bag, 5 seconds later I was falling like a dive, towards some ice. CRASH!!!! I hit the ice. I was in the void…..

Cameron’s Recount based on ‘Touching the Void’

Climbing on Siula Grande my fried Simon and I were tracking our way up the mountain. When we got to the sumit I fell and broke my leg. I was tumbling down slowly realising what is happening – I am not going to get off this mountain. Simon came chasing after me. We carried on I was hopping but then I had a second fall.

Hanging off with a broken leg about 1000 metres off the ground was not the greatest thing but it was better than dieing. I called up “pull, pull, can you hear me?” No answer.

Then I heard a rustle like a backpack.

Then it happend I heard a knife slash and the next thing I knew I was falling. The mountain  suddenly chanted ‘DIE, DIE, DIE”

I was now soaring through the sky . Spontaneously my life flashed in front of me, boom, crash, bang. I thought I was dead but my leg was still broken.

I fought against the snowy wind, my head dizzy I could not think. I just crawled on my elbows hoping I won’t hert myself anymore. It took me 12 days to get back to camp. They took me strait to hospital. They said I had to have my leg chopped off.