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Thank you Maddie, Evie and Amelia


What an amazing thank you present from Amelia, Evie and Maddie: the key to my own sports car. I’m off for to test drive it this weekend….


Some DT Projects

This gallery contains 3 photos.

Just had to take some pics of these puppets before they went home. Do send in pictures of your own puppets if there are any more that have already gone home weeks and you would like them displayed on the … Continue reading


A Jaguar driving by,

A hidden jewel growing deep in the rocks,

The chocolate chips in the cake,

The springs in a trampoline,

I am the magic that hides the path,

I am cooler than the frozen north,

I am hotter than a white light.

Some letters about School Uniform

School uniform is something that divides opinion. Before Mounts went off to Croft Farm we wrote a letter to the incoming Headteacher to express our opinions and persuade her that the school uniform should be kept or scrapped:

Amelia’s History Project

Amelia Henry Portrait

Here’s a couple of inserts from Amelia’s History project.  The hand-drawn infographics are a particularly effective way to present comparison information:

Amelia History Amelia History2

Amelia History3 Amelia History4

The Highwayman’s Story by Amelia


The wind was a torrent of darkness among the gusty trees. The sky was a midnight blue. The stars were scattered among the evening folds like shells on a beach. I rode up the dusty track with clouds of powder streaming up behind me. I saw its windows gleaming with candle light. The old oak door was locked and the shutters were shut as if they were trying to keep out a terrible beast. I cracked my whip on the window and whistled a note but it did not break the still night air.

I wore my burgundy velvet coat and lace like bunches of flowers at my throat and wrists. Soft leather gloves covered my hands. Sturdy boots covered three quarters of my legs. A foreign black hat perched lopsided on my head.

Bess stood at the window, suddenly braiding a scarlet ribbon into her jet black hair. Little did I know that Tim was eavesdropping with an ashen face and a heavy heart. For he loved Bess more than anything else in all the world.

“I’m going for a prize of yellow gold tonight before the morning light. Yet if they press me sharply and harry me through the day I’ll be with you in the moonlight though hell should bar the way,” I announced proudly with my head held up high. On that I rose up on the stirrups so I could hardly touch her hand. I galloped away to the west.

Fun Run

Well done to everyone who completed the 6km Fun Run this afternoon. We hope to raise lots of money for Comic Relief. Here’s a picture of Amelia’s flamingos Larry and Barry recuperating in Mounts after the race: