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Thank you Maddie, Evie and Amelia


What an amazing thank you present from Amelia, Evie and Maddie: the key to my own sports car. I’m off for to test drive it this weekend….


A Ferrari, windows flashing in the sunlight,

A universe, still out there somewhere,

The first bite to the last of the finest Calamari in the world,

That thrilling moment where you take off to clear a giant hurdle.

I can walk in thin air,

Cooler than cool itself,

Hotter than hot itself.

Some letters about School Uniform

School uniform is something that divides opinion. Before Mounts went off to Croft Farm we wrote a letter to the incoming Headteacher to express our opinions and persuade her that the school uniform should be kept or scrapped:



Well done to Fin W and Evie from Mounts together with Freddie and Alex from Moneybury, who won their heat of the Hertfordshire Year 5 Maths Challenge against a range of schools from across the Hemel and Rickmansworth areas.

We hope that they will now go forward to represent the school in the County finals in June.

Also well done to Skye who took part in a Judo competition at the weekend and was awarded a bronze medal, even though she was taking on opponents more than one and a half times her own weight.

Cameron managed to win an informal coin tossing prediction competition in Mounts today, not once but twice. To do this, he correctly predicted the toss of a coin on at least twelve occasions in a row. Does anyone know how likely or unlikely this feat is?


How we SPPIT out new paragraphs in Mounts

When you are writing, use this handy reminder as a prompt for when to start a new paragraph. Just SPPIT out a new paragraph. Take your TIPPS from us:

S – new Speaker or Speech

P – new Person

P – new Place

I- new Idea

T – new Time

Billy Beast’s Wedding by Evie

At the wedding of Billy Beast and Beauty, Slime Castle, Transylvania, the bride looked stunning. She wore a long grey dress with black, yellow and green patches on the armpits. Her veil was made of real life brambles, they must have gone to great expense to get that. She also went for the cockroach style, cockroach bracelets, a cockroach necklace, even the wedding ring had a cockroach on it.

Billy almost matched his bride, but even he can’t be THAT good looking, no matter what his parents say. He wore a brand new mouldy waistcoat, complete with a worm for his tie. Oh, and to match his fiancée’s style, he had a cockroach on his shoulder.

The castle was decorated beautifully, this perfect venue for two beasts to get married. The walls were already covered in sludge, so they hardly had to do anything for the wedding, apart from adding a few slugs on the floor.

Billy’s dad, Benjamin Beast, insisted on being the minister, on the grounds that if a father should walk the bride down the aisle, then why shouldn’t the father on the other side not be involved?

The vows were incredibly touching and by the time they were over, there was not a dry eye in the house! These vows included the original: “I swear upon this ring that you take a bath, I will desert you and let you starve!” I bet you’re all reading this and crying!


Evie’s writing was inspired by a story from this book by Laurence Anholt