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Even more Design & Technology Puppets

Another batch of puppets went home today. Here they are in all their glory:








Some End of Year Awards

Congratulations to Fin W, Meadow and Freddie who all received the school’s top ranking of a 5 star athletic award in assembly today.

Also well done to Louis and Maddie are now fully trained on the SAFE Internet course and were awarded their certificates.

Freddie has also received a certificate from Hertfordshire County Council for 100% attendance over the whole year.

Well done everybody.


I am a sparkling leaf green Mr Bean car speeding into a tree,

A live purple pineapple dodging incoming knives,

The first taste of a holy, award-winning fish finger with custard,

The last racket in Andy Murray’s bag,

The last suit that Iron Man blew up,

I can make money grow on trees,

I’m cooler than anything that’s cool,

Hotter than a million suns.

Some letters about School Uniform

School uniform is something that divides opinion. Before Mounts went off to Croft Farm we wrote a letter to the incoming Headteacher to express our opinions and persuade her that the school uniform should be kept or scrapped:

Fagin’s Den by Freddie

As the Dodger dragged him up the squeaky rotted stairs like he was a rag doll, there was a strong smell of tobacco going up his wide as peas nostrils, as he he entered a drab dull attic. The room had ripped walls and no windows with sheep and cow skin hanging from the rotted slates like giant bats in a cave.

There was a tall old man with a beard like Santa and a dusty tattered top hat. His brown coat draped down behind him with a silk handkerchief hanging out of his pocket. His coat looked like it had been rolled in the ashes of a roaring fire.

oliver den


The Highwayman according to Freddie

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How we SPPIT out new paragraphs in Mounts

When you are writing, use this handy reminder as a prompt for when to start a new paragraph. Just SPPIT out a new paragraph. Take your TIPPS from us:

S – new Speaker or Speech

P – new Person

P – new Place

I- new Idea

T – new Time