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Some letters about School Uniform

School uniform is something that divides opinion. Before Mounts went off to Croft Farm we wrote a letter to the incoming Headteacher to express our opinions and persuade her that the school uniform should be kept or scrapped:


Harry’s Tudor Project

Here is Harry’s work on Tudor food from last month. He presented it as a pdf file, though here it is uploaded to an interactive flipbook:

harry tudor menu_001

Spanish Armada recreation

We acted out the whole Spanish battle plan from 1588 in Mounts today, with Harry taking command of the Spanish fleet, up against Fin in command of the English navy. By the end of the lesson Queen Lizzie was safe and the Spanish fleet lay wrecked off the coast of Scotland. After we decided it wasn’t harry’s fault, there then followed a furious debate about why the Spanish attack failed.

Here is a link to the Spanish Armada Bulletin board, so that you can post additional comments, theories and questions:

Harry’s Three Words

Words to sum up today:

White, fun, snow.

‘Touching the Void’ by Harry

Climbing down the mountain me and Simon were heading back to base camp.

Everything was going well for me and Simon. We had managed to climb to the top of the Siula Grande and we were on the way back down. “Not a long way to go now” but as I said those words the snow slipped from beneath my feet. I fell and broke my leg. It was the most painful experience I’ve ever faced  in my 25 years of climbing.

“I’m OK” but it was as if my words hated me, I slipped and slided over the edge of the precipice. I cannot describe my fear as I fell over the edge. It was not only that, my leg was getting worse. Swinging like a pendulum, I was clutching my leg for warmth. Simon was up there gripping the rope for my life, he looked like he was so worn out, I saw him let go the rope and with one hand, He was going to cut the rope, suddenly I saw a knife appear out of the bag, 5 seconds later I was falling like a dive, towards some ice. CRASH!!!! I hit the ice. I was in the void…..

Harry’s Trench Diary

23rd October 1916

We are travelling to the trenches in the small London buses. I can see the silhouette of a pale-white skeletal church towering above us, I give a slight jerk. As we arrive in the trenches I have a flashback of my home with the comfy furniture, my wife and my children. The trenches look like an unfinished board game. Suddenly someone shouts “go, go, go And people started running out the back of the busses like a mouse that has spotted cheese. I ran into the trench and started following people. “I bet from above it now looks like a finished boardgame” I whispered to myself. Moments later I get told by someone, I dive into a dugout and lay down, instantly I close my eyes….

Harry’s War Diary

14th October 1914
Dear Diary,
Today is the most exciting day of my life, I’ll tell you why.
I was walking outside for a stroll in the park where I saw the most extraordinary thing. There was a huge parade with millions of soldiers, I think. I am twenty five and my chest is 36 inches wide. I don’t want a white feather, so I dash to the shops, buy an outfit and go back. By the time I get back it is still going on. I join in and I get payed a whole shilling, the crowd goes wild it is amazing!