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Some letters about School Uniform

School uniform is something that divides opinion. Before Mounts went off to Croft Farm we wrote a letter to the incoming Headteacher to express our opinions and persuade her that the school uniform should be kept or scrapped:


Mask-making Activity in Mounts

Last week as part of our international day based around Sierra Leone, the children took part in a mask-making activity. Here are some of the completed masks that Mounts made:

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And the prizes go to:

Care: Fin M and Amelia

Creativity: Cameron and Skye

Colour: Luke and Jessica

Your next challenge is that you will have to find a way to share your prize with your fellow prize-winner!

William’s Tudor Project

Drummer and Piper

Here’s another example of one of the projects handed in earlier this week. Let’s have a drumroll for William’s Powerpoint presentation:William Tudor Project (1)

William’s Words of the Day

Condensation, Hanukkah, Frost

Two Snowy Settings by William and Evie

Here are two short pieces of writing from this Friday’s lesson. A picture was displayed on the whiteboard and the class were given three minutes to write what came into their heads, paying special attention to the senses. Here is a link to our source picture:

A random name picker then selected these two pieces of writing which have not been edited. Would you make any changes?

Example One 
the glimpsing sun is shining on the water bouncing through the distance. With snow almost sieging against the rocks in formation with all the trees shattering you can hear children shouting and looking out at the huge docks with massive masts crowding round the world wide voyaging sea at sun set.
Example Two
I slowly swivelled around, taking in every detail of the beautiful landscape. I loved the way the snow gracefully became water as you went further down the beach. The sun glinted off the water in the background, almost making it look like a sheet of platinum. The benches looked like mountains with snowy tops. The trees leant over to each other and had whispered conversations. Stooping down, I picked up a small chunk of powdery snow and allowed it to trickle through my fingers.

WW1 Play Script – by Alex, Louis and William

Sergeant: (Stern voice) Stand to attention! 
(Immediately they stamp their feet)
Right lads, today were going into no mans land.
Tommy & Peter: WHAT?
Sergeant: That’s right lads. You heard me. Now let’s see if we are all here. Peter?
Peter: Yes Sarge.
Sergeant: Tommy?
Tommy: Yes Sarge.
Sergeant: (gets out paper) This is the procedure.
Peter: Are you coming too?
Sergeant: (stern again) We’ll worry about that later. (Holding paper) We are here (points0 and they are there (points again). We will charge to the wire. Then crawl. Any last questions?
Tommy: No sir.
Peter: No sir.
Sergeant: On my command. 3…2…1 Charge!!

German camp

Sergeant Wilhelm: Stand to attention! (in German). We need to do this quickly. Let’s run through the register. Kiser.

Kiser: Yes Sarge.

Sergeant Wilhelm: Voexd.

Voexd: Yes sarge.

Sergeant Wilhelm: Right we are going into no mans land today.

Kiser: Why?

Sergeant Wilhelm: Now stop talking (stern voice). We will have snipers on the move. No we will go through the procedure.

Voexd: Sir, why are we doing this?

Sergeant Wilhelm: Quit it! Now on my command 3…2…1… Charge!


William’s Postcard from France