Star Up So High by Cameron

Star, star up so high do you in the night sky?
Tomorrow gone and then right back how do you do it just like that?
Are you real or is it me? So do you know how I feel?
Really, really are your true or is it a secret between me and you?
Hi up there is that you? I have some questions to ask.
Why are you up there? Where do you come from?
How do you shine like midnight glass? Can you see what I can see or are you less than me?
Can you talk?
Can you walk?
If you were to fall I’d save you from being stuck to the floor like glue.
Imagine how much fun we’d have playing frisbee and games like that.
But that will never happen and as it won’t, I talk to you.

One response to “Star Up So High by Cameron

  1. Cool poem cam. Well done.

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