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The Bear and the Rabbit by Nicholas

Nicholas assures me that no animals were harmed in the making of this fable!…..

The Bear and the Rabbit


The Parrot and the Wise Owl – a Fable written and illustrated by Alfie G

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The Ape and the Lizard by Luca

Once Ape and Lizard were playing in the swimming pool, when suddenly, they heard a noise.

It was coming from Professor Minotaur the Greats office nearby.  The invention he was working on was a machine to make his voice sound much louder, the first ever proto-type of its kind.

Then two minutes later they heard the loudest voice ever, “Ladies and gentlemen, I challenge Bob Ape and Lizard Man to race me for the most valuable prize in the world”  “yes ladies and gentlemen, I mean, the amazing Fish Sword”

After all, Professor Minotaur was extremely fast moving, much faster than the Lizard. Who was ridiculously, quite unusually, slow, like a tortoise and Ape who was just prepared to give it a go anyway.

Minotaur said “you have 24 hours to prepare and be ready for your challenge”

“We will meet at the old wiggly tree at noon tomorrow”.

Before they knew it, noon the next day had arrived. The challenge was on.

Nesquika the chocolate crazed rabbit announced the start of the race.  “Are you ready, get, set, go” and so the race began. Amazingly enough Professor Minotaur was soon far out of view. Lizard and Ape had just about left the starting line.

The race went on.

The finish line was getting closer and suddenly Professor Minotaur tripped over a twig and bumped his head – Crash!

He fell to the floor with a bang. Sometime after Ape and Lizard had finally caught up and offered to help. “Are you OK Professor?” they both said together.

“No” he shouted. With that they both bent down to help him up.  He got up said “thanks losers” and pushed them both to the ground and ran on.

They were both shocked and both agreed that Professor Minotaur did it to cheat them both. Ape said “never mind, what goes around, comes around and his mean deed will come back to him”

Lizard said “we’re never going to win now” Ape replied, “it doesn’t matter if we don’t win, as long as we know we tried our hardest and if we hurry up, maybe we can”

With that they were off once again, back in the race.

As Professor Minotaur had bumped his head when he tricked them with his fall, he was now feeling quite sick and dizzy and needed to lie down.

Soon Ape and Lizard caught up with him, this time he called for help but they both decided to ignore his plea this time.  They ran right past.

Ape could see the finish line ahead in the distance and shouted to Lizard, “we can make it, there’s the finish line” and pointed ahead. Little did they know, Professor Minotaur had one more trick up his sleeve.

“Stop” shouted Ape. “No” said Lizard “We can’t stop now, we’re not at the finish line yet” he took no notice and ran on. “Look out, river” shouted Ape, but it was too late, splash! Lizard was in the water. Ape said “look there’s the actual finish line over there, we need to cross the rocky bridge first” so jumped in to join Lizard.

Soon they were across the bridge to the other side and ahead they could see Nesquika and the crazed chocolate rabbits. More chocolate rabbits than you could dream of. The music and chocolate looked and sounded so nice. Ape and Lizard danced across the finish line and won the prize, The Fish Sword.

Ape held up the sword and the sun shone down on them. It was by far the sunniest day of the year so far. Ape said “I wonder what would have happened if Professor Minotaur had won the sword?”

“don’t worry about that” said Lizard, “we need to get the chocolate rabbits out of the sun before they melt and make a chocolate river”

Everybody laughed loudly and cheered.

The moral of the story is not to be mean and trick and cheat people and by cheating Professor Minotaur was not the winner. A cheat will never prosper.

Sammy’s Comic Book Fable

Here’s Sammy’s story. What you can’t easily see in the scan is that Bob the Beetle has googly eyes! He also thoughtfully provided fifteen copies to share round the class.

Angus’s Diary of a Tudor Sailor

It is 1578 aboard the Golden Hind. Today is the 17th October. It is night and we’re still sailing. It is strange, we don’t usually sail at night. I have noticed that Captain Drake seems slightly bothered lately. Maybe it’s because he suspects we’re being chased by the Spanish (spit spit spit).

Life aboard ship is hard. I have no idea where we are although rumours say we just sailed round the tip of a place called Emerica.

Earlier today I was firmly told by Captain Drake to go up to the crows nest. Then he told me in a hoarse whisper to watch out for the Spanish ships. I can’t believe how much you get rocked about up there. I felt quite sick after 10 minutes I came down the rigging and was bled arrgh that hurt.

Later I was asked to help with an amputation. I do not like helping out with amputations. I was asked to hold down the unlucky person about to become an amputee!

Callum’s Diary of a Tudor Sailor

I’ve wanted to display something by Callum for ages. Here is his diary of a Tudor sailor. He even tried to make his handwriting look like old-fashioned handwriting:


Alfie’s Diary of a Tudor Sailor

Dear Diary,

My first day at sea today did I like it – no. The Golden Hind is massive and beautiful. When I first got on the ship the captain showed me to my room – OK not a room a hammock. I was next to a man named Phil about 30 I liked him and we had a chat. My sailors chest is almost full with chess, food and all my possessions. later on I heard screaming I quickly dashed up from the main gun deck (where I work) to see what was going on. I realised Phil was being whipped I hated having to watch  this but many men just kept laughing and drinking beer. When Phil came back from being whipped I asked he’d done but he just turned away then he came back and pounded me, I was bleeding. Then I puched him back but soon stopped after I heard footsteps. I was asked to empty the dirty toilet buckets on my first day.The perfect thing to do before tea. Tea was ships biscuits many ate theirs in the dark I wondered why until I took a bite. Maggots!!! I almost puked but composed myself till night.