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Some DT Projects

This gallery contains 3 photos.

Just had to take some pics of these puppets before they went home. Do send in pictures of your own puppets if there are any more that have already gone home weeks and you would like them displayed on the … Continue reading


A Ferrari speeding through red lights,

The first rocket to touch the moon,

The first taste of fresh lemon drizzle,

A new Beth Tweddle winning gold.

A Smurf from the Smurf Movie,

Cooler than a breeze in the wind,

Hotter than a volcano exploding.

Some letters about School Uniform

School uniform is something that divides opinion. Before Mounts went off to Croft Farm we wrote a letter to the incoming Headteacher to express our opinions and persuade her that the school uniform should be kept or scrapped:

How we SPPIT out new paragraphs in Mounts

When you are writing, use this handy reminder as a prompt for when to start a new paragraph. Just SPPIT out a new paragraph. Take your TIPPS from us:

S – new Speaker or Speech

P – new Person

P – new Place

I- new Idea

T – new Time

Mask-making Activity in Mounts

Last week as part of our international day based around Sierra Leone, the children took part in a mask-making activity. Here are some of the completed masks that Mounts made:

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And the prizes go to:

Care: Fin M and Amelia

Creativity: Cameron and Skye

Colour: Luke and Jessica

Your next challenge is that you will have to find a way to share your prize with your fellow prize-winner!

What Stars are….. by Katy

A star leads you to the top of a Christmas tree.
A star guides you to victory.
A star is a dream.
A star is a volcano of gold.
Find a shooting star and never let it go.

Katy’s Confession

My Mistake

I made a mistake when I left the 
hair dryer on….
I made a mistake when I let my posonos
snake out….
I made a mistake when I let my frind play
with a tiger….
I made a mistake when I let my mouse
sleep at the nexdore nabours house….
I think I made a mistake when I said
to the seals you can sleep with a cilla whale….